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I specialize in quick readings to bring you clarity without draining your wallet! QUICK TYPIST!

Looking for direction? Facing difficult decisions? I can help!

$ CAREER & FINANCE $ Confused about what career path you should choose? Want a look at how the prospects for a promotion are shaping up? Are you wondering when things will start to look up for you financially?

LOVE & RELATIONSHIP ♥ Tired of feeling helpless when it comes to matters of the heart? Need some guidance with family issues? Want to know what kind of special someone is out there waiting for you, or how that special someone you’ve been thinking about feels about you?

DIRECTION IN LIFE ☆ Need a little spiritual healing? Struggling to figure out what you truly want out of life? Searching for the path to get where you want to go?

All these questions and more can be answered!

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25 years of experience in area of spirituality and psychic work. My mother has been involving me in magical practices since I was 5 years old, which has shaped the very foundations of my life. I learned to meditate at 12, to question life at 10, and was performing magical work even before that. I have been a practitioner of divination (fortune telling) since 13, and have experience with tarot cards of all kinds, pendulums, ouija boards, and more.


I was born into a psychic family through a long line on my mother’s side, and I have years of experience with energy channeling (sending/receiving/manipulation), meditation and magical work in general. I have been practicing divination for myself and others for almost 20 years, since I was 12. I studied the religions of the world as well as philosophy in school, and have always been a powerful worker of energy with a deep desire to learn the mysteries that join us all in this life.

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