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Dream interpretations,tarot readings, spiritual guidance. I am here for you no BS just honest, compassion.


I offer Tarot readings, guided meditations (for health and relaxation), dream interpretations and advice.(Live chat and email) I am not a psychic, I am a sensitive. My readings are accurate and to the point, and if I feel like I can not help you after our consultation I will gladly return your money. I do not judge, I am a friend, I accept all religions and all animals/ creatures with love in my heart. Please let me help you. :) Love, Light and Blessed Be!

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Though I have no technical degrees, I have participated in outreach programs and real life peer counseling during my journey. I have studied and followed many paths and religions. My goal is to help you,coach you to a place where you are happy and content with your soul and your religion.


I have been providing Religious Coaching to my peers for many years. I will help you reach your goals no matter what your religion, or even if you do not have one. I have the most experience working with alternative religions,such as Wicca and Paganism, but I will unbiasedly work with any. I want to help you, and coach you to meet your goals on your own religious path, whatever that may be. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I will find out for you, we all learn everyday.

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