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Hi, I am Kimberly! I am here to serve your highest good, offering clear, precise and detailed answers to your questions.

I am an Energy Channel, Medium, Reiki master, Shaman and super sensitive Empath, working with my highly attuned clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant and channeling abilities.

No Tools I read the energy of the individual in question and receive answers directly from your guides and angels. I go DEEP & offer great detail in a very short period of time.

No time wasted I dive right in and I type very FAST (125+ wpm)

The truth will set you free! As my intention is to serve for highest good, I can only provide you with honesty, always delivered with compassion & love

Energy healing provided in session at no extra charge! Often my clients report feeling lighter, more free and unblocked after a session with me.

*I do not answer questions where the sole concern is ‘when’.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

My specialty is soul mate and twin flame/ twin soul relationships

I AM A DEEP READER : I have a 10 MINUTE MINIMUM which is $44. After which you may add per minute. You cannot expect an effective reading in 3 -5 minute and im not here for trivial questions.

RECENT REVIEWS: 4/26 : "Her prediction and timeline proved to be correct "

4/25 : "for nearly 3 years now …nearly all of her predictions have panned out, time and time again, even her time frames are relatively reliable."

3/9 : "What she said panned out AND THE TIMELINE was pretty darn close."

2/28: "What she says always comes to light. She doesn’t just tell you what you want to but but what you need to hear."

Regardless of your situation I can assure you I will offer dependably ACCURATE AND HONEST, non fluffed, non judgemental FAST AND TO THE POINT heart centered readings.

LGBTQ friendly! All genders, orientations and loving people welcome here xoxo


- 20 years as a spiritualist. Its in my blood, part of my heritage and engrained in my spirit

- founder : Arcturian Healing Arts, a highly rated healing practice in NYC

- exceptionally sensitive Empath, Clairvoyant (vision), Clairsentient (feeling) , Claircognizant (knowing), Clairaudient (hearing)

- Spiritual Medium

- Usui Ryoho Reiki Master

- Workshop facilitator in Shamanic Journeying, remote viewing, soul-retrieval, past life regression and meditation

-1000 hour Hatha yoga certification & 13 year strong practice

NO SPELLS!! No general readings. No questions about death, pregnancy or legal/court or business decisions.

By initiating chat with me you agree you are 18+ years of age. :)

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Languages: English

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23 May 2017 excellent ranking houseofedwards

I had to come back for another reading this time she picked up the very problem that has been eating away at me this whole entire time! No other reader pointed it out! She connects so fast and spills out so much information. I'm beginning to see why we don't have many readers like Kimberly. I don't want to go too much into it but I have strong intuition as well and something is telling me she has the ability to hold herself aside and let the message pass through. Not many readers can do this without putting their opinion in. You guys have to know this: A psychic who is reading based on what YOUR guides are telling you is accurate. Not the guides of the advisor. So if your reading with psychic watermelon whose guide 'hazelnut' will help you then you're prone to have bended reading. Kimberly has messages from our guides so that's why she knows exactly what's going on. Incredible!!!

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23 May 2017 excellent ranking houseofedwards

Whoa! I mean if I'm crying now it's only because I don't know where the hell I've been or who on earth I've been chatting too! Ok this is how I can best describe this woman Kimberly: I paid for a five min reading. She gave me more than I've had with top advisors here for months! She makes other top advisors who say they've been practising reiki or whatever for over 20 years, look like a novice!! She's what I would describe as the penthouse suite of a luxury hotel, a premium selection, master class, top of the line, I'm not talking about catalogue I'm talking couture..what am I saying..she's the best of the BEST! The next time I read with you Kimberly I will have enough to read with you for an HOUR! No lies! Thank you so much it was truly an honor to revel in your accuracy and guidance and I mean straight off the damn cuff this woman knew EVERYTHING! Omg I have to come back xox

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30 Apr 2017 excellent ranking daydreameagle

Thank you again!!! I ran out of time and could not type in response. I will try your suggestions and check in again in the future : )

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27 Apr 2017 excellent ranking starshine (unregistered)

got disconnected... ugh... but SOOOO GOOD ! very fast and very accurate ! i'll be back for sure !

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26 Apr 2017 excellent ranking thehealingtouch1111

My last chat with her was months ago . Her prediction and timeline proved to be correct so I came back for an update and re-read the transcript to find she was right on with things I had not even connected. Just incredible, frankly. Give her a try if you want the truth.

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