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A decade of Experience in Tarot readings and Horoscopes, I do not "Sugarcoat", if you come, do expect the reality. I am not suitable for those with "entitlements". Do not feel "connected"?, hang and ask a refund.


Please have your questions at hand, I do not do general readings with no specific goal. My name is Ed. and I have almost 10 years of experience in Tarot readings and Astrological charts. I am not a psychic or medium, I do work with your energies and how they are interacting with the rest of the world, I do use Tarot cards and charts since they are excellent tools to guide us or give us a better view of how things can or will develop. You have to understand that Tarot is not something you can be always depending, as I said before, they are a tool and should not turn into an obsession or a vice!. People often expect me to tell then when they will get what they or when they want, this is really out of the normal, since the same people tends to forget that they have to make their own miracles happen, the point of my readings are to empower you and not to make you dependent, this is how readings can get quickly derailed and therefor creating false illusions or hopes and disappointment.

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A decade of experience in Tarot Card readings: Love, Money, Work and Business. Please do take note that for Health issues I do recommend going to a practitioner, since this is out of my field of expertise.

8 years of experience in making personalized Charts, these have an advantage over the cards or any other method or tool, that they can be extremely accurate when talking about time, if time is what you are worried, then a chart is your option. Charts normally are a way to guide us during our lives!, they will not fix our problems, but instead alert or warn us about different situations which we might be unaware of. The possibilities of getting more concrete answer with one are enormous.


A decade of experience as a Card Reader and Astrologist, which means that i do not make "magic", "spells", "miracles". As the funny fact, yep I am an Aries! and I love being one!!.

These are comments from my frequent clients on my past work, from another website:

AMAZING!!!! He is amazing and spot on. He didn’t need much info from me he already had the answers! – by Chloe28, Alaska

He is a nice person. i love talking with him. – by luckygirl40, covington, virginia

I like ed he is very good in what he is doing. – by maria12111, Bolton

He’s very good!! Knowing the situation very well. Thank you for the advise. – by Pam_mie, Au

Straightforward, practical advice, no wishy-washy stuff at all. Perfect! – by EllieBellie, Melbourne

Good and thorough! – by focusing, winchester

He is awesome to the point and value for money… he is worth much more then he charges and he understands the value of it.. love u ed .. thanks for all the guidance and readings – by shona29, india

Very kind man, very helpful, got 10 by Harvey6972, somewhere on Earth

Awesome reading at all time, very accurate!! – by Alexsheart, New York

Great reading :) – by karatechic, trinidad

Thank you so much. x – by eaglesridge, Aberdeen

He read my situation right, very good suggestions for me to guide me – by ellym3, mohnton,pa

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26 Apr 2017 excellent ranking gabe28

that reader is simply awsome, not only he gives some advices for you to act better but he looks so interested to help you out that it does in fact help you resolve your problems. he seems to care a lot for your situation and he did pick up the exact attitude of my boyfriend and told me things about him that only me can know so it is, in fact, accurate. I feel like the predictions he gaves me were logic and on the point. we'll see how it goes for it and i'll definitly come back for an update. thank you so much for being you and for being so generous with your time. Gabrielle xox

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26 Apr 2017 excellent ranking gabe28

one word...AWSOME! this reader is probably the best one i've had on bitwine...the most genuine and honest one in the whole bunch! He was quick on his responses, honest, logical, and seemed very authentic. He was also very generous with his time so he his obviously not the type of reader that is here just for your money! That was a perfect consultation, he brought my attitude and my boyfriend's attitude on point and was right about what he told me as far as i know ... and ill come back for an update for sure !:) bye see you soon xox

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25 Apr 2017 excellent ranking phoenixfirefire19

I'm really impressed, Ed. quickly picked up the main dynamics in my situation. He was very realistic, practical, and came across as authentic. I appreciate his honesty, he was compassionate while being real which is not always easy to accomplish. I'd probably sit with him for another reading in the future.

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24 Apr 2017 excellent ranking helen__

Thank you

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24 Apr 2017 excellent ranking mimi30


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