Sophia Shah

Gifted Psychic Ms.Bella Specializing In Love & Relationships


Psychic Bella has Dedicated her life to healing others, with her gift from God giving her Clarity on Your Situation, She Is ABLE To Know Your Situation Without Asking.. Specializing in Reuniting Lovers, Building or Re-Building Relationships.


Welcome, I’m born psychic Bella Shah, I’m a third generation psychic. With help from my spirit guides, I have repaired broken hearts all around the world, and given them a new road to walk on, to lead them in the right direction.

NO SUGAR COATING! Read My Reviews!

In life, there are going to be destractions, and unwanted pain, my job to you is to be there to help you right back up and show you what your meant to do, who your meant to spend your life with, and where your meant to be. I have 28 years experience, and I haven’t failed any of my clients. I NEVER leave a client UNHAPPY.

Your Reviews Mean A Lot, Thank You

If you feel depressed, alone, like know one understands you.. and if your at a lost place in your life, and your thinking of giving up. DON’T! I will restore your hope and faith. I have helped hundreds of people through there hard times when know one else was there for them, and when know one else would understand.

Break Up’s & Divorce Starting A Relationship Help Him Or Her Open Up Reuniting With Your EX And so much more!

I specialize in building or re building relationships. If the one you love has walked away from the love and friendship you once shared, I will be able to tell you why and if it was meant to happen. If it was not meant to happen I will give you a solution, and help you bring that person back. If it was meant for that person and you to move on, I will put you on a spiritual and clean new road, give you answers to the future and how to get to where you are meant to be!

Found out why him/her is acting that way!

I will help you get into to the mind and heart of your lover in minutes! Find out why there acting that way! Your satisfaction is what matters! Call now and start knowing your future, I’ll give you a SOLUTION and ANSWERS to your question by the time you hang up.

I could have him or her call you!

TIME & DATES YOU CAN DEPEND ON! All I need is your first name and Year of Birth!! YOU ASK THE QUESTIONS! Start being happy, and feeling lightend!

My readings are 100% confidential, and between the client and I. Thank you for choosing Psychic Marie Claire, have a blessed day! I work with God, I can NOT Do Spells, I ONLY remove Whats not meant to be there, Thanks

Spiritual Cleanse Chakra Re-balance Negative Energy Removal Jealousy Removal Removing Unnecessary Confusement ... And More!

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05 Jul 2012 excellent ranking sunnydlite

Sophia was very in tune with my situation. Plus she was sweet and generous with her time..

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05 Jul 2012 excellent ranking Sha (unregistered)

So very warm, positive, honest, understanding, and accurate. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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01 Jul 2012 excellent ranking kerrid

Every quick in responding and providing information before the questions was asked. Looking forward to dates given and hoping all comes true

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29 Jun 2012 excellent ranking cnd84

Sophia is so insightful, caring, generous, and detailed. She was able to provide fast answers, and she really made me feel better about things. I look forward to coming back in with updates soon!

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22 Jun 2012 excellent ranking pika

I highly reccomend sophia.She's caring,detailed and soo excellent! I tried to come back..we got cut off.Talk to you soon.

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