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Renesmae offers you insight, comfort and relief to over come your troubles and milestones life throws at us all. I Believe everybody should be happy and life in perfect harmony, achive goals to unlock the best of you. Spiritual balence is key to unlocking this all,​ become you, I breathe you, I feel you, I see you! I know where you’re headed, I know where you’ve been.I constantly think and feel on a paranormal, intuitive level. But we all have it within and I am not claiming to be more powerful than anyone. I’m just constantly flowing with psychic energy, which would be a headache for most people to do all the time. I totally embrace the person who comes to me for insight .


I help with any challenge: Love, relationships, Career, Money, Health, ect. I have the ability to channel specific and detailed information directly from spiritual sources to assist you understand what is going on in your life Past, Present, or Future. I receives messages from Angel Spirits, through seeing, hearing, and feeling. I am also a medium-connecting people. Most people come away from a session with me feeling much better about life and possessing a clearer vision of their future potential. As a faithful practitioner, I believe in the power of prayer, with discipline and devotion. I use prayer and meditation to gain insight and access information about your life. I also take the time to pray and meditate with you to help you realize your dreams and unravel your heart’s desires. I help you discover how to replace negative energies with positive by calling Renesmae Now!

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