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International Tested Psychic Medium Hello my name is Jenny’s Sight. I am a Christian High Level Psychic/Medium. My Information pours in at a Very fast pace because I have been doing readings for 30 years. At the age of 3 I started seeing angels, and began reading people at the age of 10! This always felt normal to me and I didn’t realize I was any different than anyone else. All my life I have studied major religions and paranormal activity. I am very familiar with all types of energies and can identify positive and negative energy that is affecting your life and your daily balance. I work with spirits and am able to hear, see, and smell spirits. I know and feel what spirit is communicating to me and I have great trust in that information. I specialize in issues of deep seeded mental/emotional pain that is affecting you and your life. I can help you find resolution to any issue that is affecting you. I also am able to identify spirits in your Personal Pictures!

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╰★╮Spiritual Readings ☁ Ability to work with SPIRIT and understand them load and clear!

╰★╮Identify Spirit ☁ Ability to identify SPIRIT though pictures.


Jenny Lee Christian Psychic Medium “God’s thumbprint is on each of us from the time we are born.” Sue Mallory, author of Equipping Church, stated. We are all born with a special gift or gifts placed in us by God. Some of these gifts are things like leadership, mercy, evangelism, faith, hospitality, craftsmanship, creative communication, and many more. Jenny Lee was given the gifts of word of wisdom and word of knowledge; meaning to apply truth practically and to know. She is able to focus on the unseen consequences in determining the next step to take and gains knowledge which was not attained by natural observation or means. According to Network, a Ministry Resource that helps people discover their gifts, the gift of word of wisdom is the divine enablement to effectively apply spiritual truth to meet a need in a specific situation. The gift of word of knowledge is the divine enablement to bring truth to the body through a revelation or biblical insight. So unlike many psychics, Jenny doesn’t rely on reading tarot cards, crystals, or horoscopes. She doesn’t set a booth up at the fair and charge a passerby into revealing details that she can manipulate in the palm of their hand. “I am grounded at Jesus feet. It’s not me I’m just the tool. I am in constant communication with God all day. I’m able to identify spiritual energy based on what kind of energy is around a person. I provide the truth that God puts in front of me.” Jenny explained. Jenny has had other psychics question her work, wanting the secret to her method, but as she stated many times while we talked, “this is a gift from God.” Christians also question her gifts with doubt considering it to be black magic. “I get a lot of grief. I don’t fit in the psychic realm or the religious world. I’m somewhat stuck in between. At first I was my own worst critic I didn’t believe it even when people would tell me I was right.” Jenny shared. For some it takes many years to find and understand the gifts they have been given and just because we have these gifts doesn’t mean we apply them. But others embrace what God has given them and use them to serve him. “I choose this path because it was chosen for me.” Jenny commented. She realized at a very young age she retained things differently and not everyone saw angels. In spite of the consequences she would go off exploring and in class she would pay attention to the spirits instead of her teachers. Her mom attempted to have her tested around the age of five when it became evident that something was going on. Jenny’s mom discovered she was burying her dolls in the yard and asked why, Jenny replied, because the girl three doors down died. While

╰☯╮Mediumship ~ Ability to use the spirit as the media

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