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DATES! & TIMES! What I’m known for psychic readings with more than than just general info. Healing pain & suffering wounds I’m blessed with seeing, hearing & feeling spirit at 13 it all started.Predicting dates and times have been my thing for along time, I’ve guided friends,family , and complete strangers. I began doing professional readings as well as some healing after my journey on helping people. This over took everything in my career life, now this is my life and I truly love it! I read my clients based there energy vibrations "everybody feels vibes" by there voice and presence , name & d.o.b helps a personal connection . I’m very straight to matter of the heart no matter what it may be, family , love , career , and money matters. I’m devoted in my work helping others seek the answers they need, I am none judgmental open to several matters of life and I believe we are all here to help one another. I look forward to helping you answer all questions clear doubts and find the truth


Over 10 years licensed I’ve mastered the abilty of powerful meditation channeling energy to heal and help move past all and open wounds that overpower the human abilty. * MY READINGS ARE STRAIGHT TO HEART OF A SITUATION ,A HONEST READER AND ADVISOR BE PREPARED TO HEAR THE TRUTH

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18 Jul 2018 excellent ranking beachgirl2018

That was incredible. She is so spot on, I got so much value out of this reading. Really empowering. I am definitely a little overwhelmed too but I will listen to her advice and focus on my well being. You will end up talking to her longer than you think you will. Thank you so much. Sorry I didn't get to say bye! xoxo

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19 Jun 2018 excellent ranking nyarina


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26 Nov 2017 excellent ranking paprnazi

Margaret has been very accurate for me. She sees a lot! Catch her if you can!!!

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10 Oct 2017 excellent ranking katie123

No joke... this may have been the greatest reading I have had. She spoke and knew literally EVERYTHING about me. It was like talking to someone who knows the inside scoop about you, all of you, and feeds it back to you. She knows what I have been through. She sees it all. I am honored to have read with her. Thank you so much. Seriously. Many blessings<3 and much gratitude to you.

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29 Sep 2017 excellent ranking curious123456

Sorry I couldn’t add anymore...but Margaret connects very well! She immediteu picked up there’s a man in my life right now..a stubborn one at that, and described his antics to a Tee! Even told me some things that I didn’t know...verified some things I did! She makes me excited and anxious about the future for sure! I really hope the predictions come to fruition :) she even went as far as to tell me the things I should do to keep things as they are or strengthen them! She’s calm, collected and connected beautifully. I really recommend! I didn’t intend on spending nearly as much as I did..but she’s so genuine, so wonderful, you can’t help but to want to know more of what she feels :) thank you so much my dear! I’ll keep you posted for sure!!

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