Katherine Morgan

Do you feel like it's time to shake it off and move forward but you're stuck and can't seem to stop spinning? Let me help you by channeling your protective spirit guides. Your spirit guides are always with you to lead you out of your darkest times...


Even in my darkest moments I have always known my Spirit Guides were there to protect and lead me to exactly the right place I was meant to go. For years I have helped many others get through depression due to life changing events, such as death of loved one, divorce, job loss, etc., and help them tap into their own inner strength as well as each person’s spirit guides. The past does predict the future, however your future can be altered and charged with happiness, joy and personal fulfillment. Together, you and I can access your spirit guides towards developing and creating a rich and a joy-filled future, your future. Through love, acceptance and understanding, I will provide you support and nurture your soul and heart throughout your journey of self awareness and enlightenment. I cannot nor do I pretend to be able to predict the future and I cannot perform parlor tricks. I can give you feedback towards a happier, healthier future. Blessed Be.

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I have a Masters in Psychology and I have also studied paranormal psychology.


Degrees are great, but they do not replace the ability or desire to connect with another human being. I have years of experience in the mental health field as counselor. I have also done readings for 15 + years. Blessed Be.

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