Queen Erzulie

Tarot Advisor, Energy Healer


I am a magical practitioner, conjurer, energy worker, and light worker with over 20 years of experience. I learned from my Grandmother and her Sister – my great-aunt – all manners of root-work and American Folk Magic. I’ve been reading the Tarot from a very young age, and do so intuitively. I work with Crystals and Gemstones for Energy and Chakra Healing, and craft my work individually for each client.

Although I am well versed in many subjects, my most beloved specialties are Love, Relationships and Healing. My connection with Spirit as well as my Spirit Guides allows me to See, Understand, and Command things that most simply are not able or willing to. I also help provide remediation for court cases and legal issues – increase luck and prosperity – all on your behalf.

I am a Highly Intuitive and Empathic Psychic, and in addition, divine the truth of the matter through the use of Tarot, Pendulum, Fire, and Channeling as my chosen tools. I am a gifted seer with strong Shamanic roots.

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