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I am a 8th generation, genuine, real psychic medium/ em-path & intuitive. I can tap into peoples emotions. I am also a numerologist and spiritual counselor. I specialize in all things from love related to what the future holds .I am a born psychic with the ability to see what your future holds I can get in-depth and tell you what is going on inside a mans head. I can tell you why he does the things he does, and if the path you are on is right. Woman and men are so different, and we need to learn how to have one-love. Thats why a reading with me is much needed if you want to better understand the path you are on.. or the man you love


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i have been working online and with people in person for over 30 years I’v been experienced since I was born I can help you with your relationships, Psychic Reading, Love , Soul mate Connections, Cheating and Affairs, Breaking up and Divorce Reader excellent communication skills. I am considered as that healer and keep it confidentiality with all matters that are concerned. I have also done advance astrology and Advance astrology,research works in astrology.

With my help I will guide you to the right path to achieving your aims* desires *wishes and dreams. With only a chat away you will receive piece of mind and answers to all your questions and problems no matter what they are. Loneliness is a thing of the past. I can guide you in a positive path in all directions of life.


I always offer information in such a way that will be helpful and informative to you and that allows for the freedom of free will, for I believe that there is never anything set in stone until it is done. We are constantly changing and evolving and therefore, re-writing our future on a moment to moment basis. I always try to encourage personal empowerment and growth and to see truth, for the truth indeed, sets you free… Please note: I read primarily by clear thought or receiving whole ideas and empathic feelings within my body…many times I get impressions of the past/present and future wrapped together as there is really no distinction between the three. I also see by symbol/pictures and ‘hear’. The more detail I have about your situation the better able I am to ‘dial’ into what it is that you want to know. I am also VERY good at getting right down to the nitty gritty of what is really going on…not just the situation, but what has happened within you to bring about the current situation. I do my best but I can only give to you what is given me! When there are many options available to a question I will tell you and be aware that many times solutions to problems are available but we as human beings are closed to hearing them…meaning, we close down to possibilities but I still see them :)

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