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I’m The Lady Of Wisdom also known as rose’Professional Psychic,Seer and Mystic. I don’t use any tools such as tarot cards,spells,astrology,runes,palm reading or anything else.I don’t need your birth date! I do not script read or cold read like some psychics that you may have come across! I have visions,psychic dreams and premonitions that’s how I perform readings or make predictions. I’m a clairvoyant(visionary),which means that I have the ability to see information in the form of visions.I see past,present,future and deal with past lives,people who have crossed over,lost objects,missing people,animal communication,love,spirituality,relationships,career,health,investments and other questions that you may have. I also make predictions and give time frames** I believe in God,honesty and integrity! I would never say that I’m 100% accurate or perfect! No one is perfect! However,most information that I see is true,accurate and happens! Unlike,most psychics or readers,I believe in telling you the truth!!

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