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I firmly believe that I have been put here with my gifts to help YOU. YOU would not be here if you weren’t seeking answers. I mostly utilize tarot to divine some answers and possible paths, but I want YOUR session to be more about what YOU will do with that information. Remember, the future is not set in stone until it occurs. I would like to help you guide your life on a path of your own choosing.


I’ve been using cards to divine for nearly 8 years. I am empathic and have always used the cards to divine answers. I use the Rider-Waite and the Gilded Tarot decks. I can also provide runic divination for SPECIFIC questions. While I can answer specific and general questions in standard tarot, runic general questions are almost always too vague to be of any true use to you.

Example general questions are: How will my love life be? Do you think I should date this guy? Should I do this thing?

Example specific questions are: Is he the right man for me? Will I be successful in two months?

General questions will always take longer to answer, if you’re looking for a lengthy solution and information about you path, this is your venue. If you just want a quick yes, no, go for a specific question.

There’s only one type of reading I offer for free, and that’s a holiday special I’ll remove when there’s no holiday. There are no other free readings. Please take this seriously, there’s no need to pretend and play games with me to get around paying.

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