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READ MY REVIEWS- "PREDICTION PASSED!" "ACCURATE WITH TIMELINES" I come from a family line of intuitive psychics. I am a psychic empath and my readings will be honest and accurate. I will pick up how he or she is feeling but also point you in the right direction. My readings are very detailed too… I will share with you everything that I am picking up clear down to the smells, nature scenery, touch, taste, ect. When I give a reading, my entire energy core will become a conduit of energy. With just a name and location, I can tune into your energy and those of who you are asking about, and read your life charts. There are three things in life: 1. Things that are destined and can not be changed, 2. Things that we can direct and change with choice and 3. Things that we create or manifest into our lives.


Over 15 years of experience with professional readings. I have traveled the entire country giving readings for large CEO’s, politicians and more. You may know me from the media as I have appeared on T.V, radio and written well known publications.

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