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I offer psychic readings, spiritual coaching, aura reading and healing, angel card readings and information about your past lives. I have worked Internationally for nearly 20 years as well as teaching workshops on Past lives, Psychic Development and Meditation.

I work by quickly tuning in to Spirit Guides as well as your energy field and Life Blueprint.

I am an energy healer and send healing with each reading. I have worked as a parapsychologist/paranormal investigator. If you want clear, honest, practical input on your life path I can help. I prefer to work with open minded, spiritual individuals who respect the work I do. I will not work with those who take advantage of others including myself.

No Free Readings! My readings are not intended to take the place of a qualified Doctor, Member of the clergy or Therapist. Must be Over 18 to use this service!

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Certificate in Psychic Studies.


I was actually born with my abilities. I have been communicating with Spirit World since I could walk and talk. I have learned how to understand the information I see, from my own Spirit Guides. I am highly sensitive and empathic and whilst this hasn’t been helpful in the WORLD it has helped me to find my path and for more than 19 years, I have been helping people on their spiritual journeys.

Born in Canada (Now living in England). My education has included psychology, counselling and philosophy. In my early twenties I continued studies of the paranormal,esoteric and spiritual, including mediumship, psychic development and Pranic healing. I have studied Mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted,England.

PLEASE READ: As a messenger for Spirit I merely pass on what they give to me. I give what I receive honestly, completely and compassionately. I wish to make it clear that I am ONLY A MESSENGER and do not make up what the guides have to say. Nor will I tell you what you may want to hear.

Though sometimes I may give you a timeline of potential events to come, I am not a fortune teller. Spirit has no real concept of time so hence a given timeline is only merely a guide and not a hard fast rule. When I give a potential outcome that is what I am shown. It may take a week, it may take a year. You must also do your part, make your choices, live your life and take responsibility for it.

Thank you for considering a reading with me. I welcome open minded and friendly people to contact me. Anyone who is disrespectful or rude or who does not feel they can trust me should not bother contacting me.

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