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Hello I am Psychic Paige a 3rd Generation Psychic. With 25 years exp.I’v had this gift since as far as i could remember and i’d hear voices all the time but it wasn’t till the age 11 that i would start getting strong visions bits and pieces till my mother taught me how to meditate and told me i would see these visions more clearly and i did. I started to test these visions and voices and learned to use them to help whoever i could no matter what the issue was. I can help in all matters regarding, Love, Life, Marriage, Work, Finances, Family, Friends and more. A question is all i need when getting a reading with me. No need for Names or DOB’s unless there is more then one person in question. I am Very honest. I will not give you a fantasy reading. I only tell you the truth. I will give you the good with the bad. How els will you know how to get through these issues. I work with Spirit Guides who provide me the information and visions. They only tell me what they feel is important for you to know. Call Me Now!

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I Did Not Go To Any Schools Regarding My Gift. I Was Taught By My Mother And Grandmother To Control my Gift And Meditate Often So That I Would Become More Connected To My Guides And That I Would Be Able See And Hear More Clearly. They Taught Me To Use Types Of Crystals To Balance Energy, Types Of Candle To Clear Energy, Types Of Artifacts That Allow Me To See more in depth. But No School Teachings Here.


I Have 25 Years Exp. I Have Been Giving Psychic Readings Around The World For 25 Years. I Specialize In Love, Money, Work, Marriage, Family, Friends, Life And Many More Subjects You May Have Concerns In. I Once Had A Friend Who Was Going Through A Tough Time With Her B/F And She Thought He Was Cheating. I Told Her He Was Having A Strong Family Issue And He Was Finding It Difficult To Focus On The Relationship And That He Was Gonna Be Distant With Her But He Still Loves Her And Haves Plans To Be With Her. But She Was Upset And Didn’t Believe me. He Told Her He Needed Time Away Right Now. She Still Believed He Was Cheating And he hasn’t Called Her In 7 Days. She Called Him 3 Days Later And Broke Up With Him. She Wouldn’t Talk To Him For A Week. And Finally He Came Over And Explained That He Was Having Some Financial Issues With His Cousin. He End Up Proposing To Her That Night. She Called Me And said How Did I Know What Was Going On And I Told Her. And That Was The First Time I Ever Told Anyone.

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