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I am a psychic and spiritual counselor for over 20 years guiding and counseling. Tarot Reading Soul Mate Advisor. Psychic Readings Online, Psychic Phone Readings, Email Psychic Readings. Expert Psychic Advice on Love, Marriage, Divorce, Money Matters, Career, Breakups, Cheating, Reuniting Past Loves, Removing Obstacles and Connecting with your Spirit Guides.

Are you feeling lost, lonely, confused? Are you stressed beyond belief?, and do not know why? Do you need answers for your past present and future? You do not have to wonder who what when where and why. You do not have to worry or suffer from such a burden as that of mis-handled love affairs or financial stress. Let me aid you in your search for truth as i have done for many before you. This is the door way to all the answers you need. All the questions will be gone. Lift that heavy weight off your shoulders now. Look beyond today. Get the connection to someone who has went to the other side.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

My degree comes from ohdena temple of healing and meditation. I have degree in many forms of meditation chakra balancing and cleansing


I have experience with Tarot Cards. Crystals Healing & Readings. Chakras Healing & Cleansing. Meditation, Aura Analysis, Dream Interpretation,Spirtual Readings,Psychic Readings Hello and welcome I am 43 years old I have been helping people for 20 years.

Things you need to know.


Who is my soul mate? Am I with the right person? Will there be a breakup? Is someone else interfering? What does he think about me? How does he feel about me? Is marriage in my future? How do I break free? will we have children? How do I get him back? Should I move on or stay? Is there someone else? Does he love me? Is this the one? How do I get noticed? Should I marry him? What is my romantic forecast?


Can I trust my lawyer? What is the other side’s strategy? Am I prepared for court? Will there be enough money? When will this end? Will my children be okay? Can I resolve this faster? Am I being set up? Who does the judge believe? What is he saying about me? Will I receive alimony? Can I stop this divorce? Will I receive child support? How will custody work out? Is he seeing someone else? How do I heal and move on?

~~MONEY~ What is my financial future? Will there be enough money? Am I getting a raise? Will my house sell? What am I overlooking? How should I invest? Is my company doing okay? Will there be layoffs? Am I going to get promoted? Will I get out of debt soon? How do I earn more money? What are my financial obstacles? How can I become financially free? Should I take this job? Should I do this deal? When will things improve? How do I increase my income?

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