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Izrealla The Love Energy Reader. I Specialize in all matters of the heart such as; reuniting true lovers, repairing spiritual connection, soul mate energy, revealing cheating or stopping it before it happens, returning the ‘spark’ back in your relationship removing any and all negative influences, bad luck and energy from your love life and healing broken hearts. I am a natural born psychic reader and healer, I do not need to use any tools such as Tarot card’s although I am a expert Tarot reader, I only need your first name and DOB and i will connect to my inner guides and Angel energies in order to see all areas of your life and detailed information, there is no need to see you in person, as God knows who we are and when I connect to you it is HIS will allowing it and He will never let us down. I am a true spiritualist, this means i look for all spiritual solutions, therefor be ready to know what (if any) kind of healing, repair, reuniting, cleansing etc. that may be best for you I will offer my service

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have been blessed with my spiritual powers since birth and it has been developing ever since. I began receiving visions and signs from my guides since the age of 7 yrs old and have bee able to preform spiritual healing and help others ever since. I have now developed my abilities and i am able to help you in reuniting with your true love, repairing all areas of your life which may need it, such as love, health, personal relationship, career and spiritual connection. I do no need any tools in order to see into a persons life, it comes from pure psychic power, even healing and reuniting can be done with just my personal energy being sent to you. I do pride myself on helping and guiding people in any way i can, i have been put here on this earth for helping people in any way can.


I began ‘reading’ people since age 7.

I own my own spiritual workshop in Columbus Ohio.

I have trained to develop my psychic gift for well over 20 yrs.

My clients are always insured that i will only offer services of healing, repair or cleansing when it is meant to be done, never forced or spiritually controlled.

I am a natural born spiritualist and healer, this means that when you contact me I will see the path you are on as well as the path you was meant to be on, should this be different in any ways, I WILL LOOK FOR A SPIRITUAL SOLUTION, such as, healing, balancing, repair, cleansing, restarting cycles, spell/negative energy removal, pure crystal energy repair or anything else which can be done, therefor, when you contact me I will indeed look for a way to help you and offer my services, there is a fee for my work, I DO NOT CHARGE FOR BASIC MEDITATION OR PRAYERS as this is free and a gift given to us not to profit from. Please be sure to keep this in mind when rating/commenting, as I know many may not ‘believe’ in spiritual repair, or feel it as a ‘needed’ solution, I will respect your choice should you not want to accept any of these types of solution, so please respect my ability and the fact that I will only be looking to help and guide in the best ways I know and can guarantee. Thank you and may love and light guide your way.

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