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My name is Noel I am, Cherokee Indian, I am a third generation psychic, born with the gift of extrasensory clairvoyance and foresight, which allows me to see things that the naked eye can not. I have extensive experience with this blessed gift , Hence I am able to view and interact within the spiritual realm to accurately provide guidance and insights. I succeed, where others have failed. I am professional, honest & caring. Established & licensed. Specializing in soulmate connection, anxiety, depression, addiction, recovery, self-esteem, confidence, and spirituality. I give guidance for a prosper and positive future by receiving the answers to your questions. My Psychic/Spiritual consultations are done by clairvoyance (psychically viewing pictures, namesvisions, images, auras, hearing voices )- God, angels, spiritual guides and loved ones. I am a spiritual individual and attribute my ability and gift through God and his angels. The information I receive concerns the past, present and future.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a psychic advisor for many years using my insight to guide others on their own unique journeys. 

I have the ability to read Tarot cards and interpret the ancient symbols as well as use a special sensitivity to tap into energies that surround the person and the issue presented.


I am a licensed and bonded pyschic, with membership affiliations to the national association of psychics. 

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Languages: English

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