Suzanne Springer-Casey

Psychic Medium, Tarot Reading, Spiritual Guidance and Coaching, Love Readings, General Spiritual and Psychic Advisor


I am an experienced medium/channel-er of those who have passed to the other side. I don’t promise success reaching everyone, but I try to find out as quickly as possible if I can reach your person of interest or not.

I do tarot readings and have many years of experience doing this as well. I enjoy giving insight into any kind of situation including jobs, family, love, personal, financial and more.

I have much knowledge about general spiritual topics. I have studied the Tao Te Ching extensively. I can offer spiritual counseling and advice to people who have questions. Sometimes this is using my own knowledge, sometimes my sources come from those who have passed away.

I try and always make my readings, advice, coaching, counseling, etc, all healing experiences.

I try to always be as honest as I can about what I am seeing and experiencing.

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