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You’re confused and uncertain. What’s going to happen next? What’s really going on?

I know exactly how you feel. We’ve all been there! But there are answers, and I can help you see them clearly.

Every being has free will, and the very particles that constitute our world at the quantum level are moving in random patterns. This is a fundamental fact of existence. Psychic precognition is really a form of clairvoyance: it’s about tapping into all the forces presently at work, both visible and invisible, to see what is on track to happen in the future. Understanding those forces gives you the power to act—-either to go with the flow, or to make the changes that will create a different future.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

As a child, I discovered I possessed the psychic ability to intuit the future and "see" distant situations clairvoyantly. As an adult, I studied parapsychology, religion, and physics to make sense of my gift. I learned how to harness my natural abilities through the use of formal divination techniques (the I Ching, Tarot, runes) to focus the psychic impressions I receive.

I’ve also devoted my life to building a healthy, loving, respectful balance between the genders. The happiest relationships are the ones in which men and women respect each other as equals, and in my practice as a counselor I’m committed to helping my clients find that balance.


Client feedback:

"outstanding quick to the point and very encouraging"


"Sophie is an excellent intuitive. Highly recommend. Thank you..!"

"great very good and seems very honest as well thank you"

"Sophie was excellent. If you allow her, she will really look into your situation and get to the root cause of what is going on. Very very intuitive."

"she is amazing!!!! Great reading!! =)"


"Amazing!! She’s a natural counselor and her psychic insight is an added bonus to it. She really is able to use her amazing gift to uplift you and guide you to where you need and want to be. AWESOME readings!!!"

"A truly outstanding reading. Thank you!"

"Sophie, thanks so much! Very good reading and helpful advice!"

"Wonderful gifted reader..Give a try do not pass up. Sorry I ran out…will return for sure. :)"

"wonderful reader."

"Thanks so much for this great honesty"

"Real honest, clear, told me the now and let me know that the future is up to me, not like others which say for a fact something will happen…but accessed the NOW and let me know that i have free will over the future."

"She is SOOOOOO good!!! Do NOT pass up a chance to read with her and you will see exactly what i’m talking about!!!"

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