Spiritual Awakenings By Mya

Spiritual Awakenings by Mya


Are you confused,frustrated in a currant situation,in which you do not know the out come? Want to know his or her true feelings towards you.Are you with your true soul mate?What lies ahead in your future. If these questions surround you then you have found the Master head Psychic. Hi and welcome, my name is Mya, I have been a god gifted Astrologer for over 25 years , reaching out to others with my gifts.I am able to see all and tell all , I warn you gravely ,suggest wisely,and explain fully ,satisfaction in one call,if you are unhappy,discouraged,or in distress , I can help you!!  Does turmoil seem to follow you? Has the one you love changed?I can tell you why! I will tell you who your enemy’s and friends are and if the one you love is true or false. A few minutes of consolation will have your mind at ease. Services include: Psychic & Tarot Card Readings,Chakra Balancing,Reiki Healing,Crystal Energy Readings,Past Life Regression,Life Coaching, and MORE!

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Ordained Minister (ULC) Certified Reiki Master Certified Hypnotist Chakra balancer Dr. of Divinity Naturopathic Practitioner Church Counselor Pain Management & Stress Management consultant Bachelor of Science (in unrelated field)


I am a 4th generation master psychic. I carry with me gifts that were inherited through generations.  I have helped thousands of people, and I have been featured on many television and radio shows.  I also have several celebrity clients.My specialties are: LOVE RELATIONSHIP MARITAL RELATIONSHIP DIVORCE LONG DISTANCE or INTERNET RELATIONSHIPS GAY RELATIONSHIPS TIME FRAMES RELATIONSHIPS WHERE ONE OR BOTH ARE MARRIED HOW TO BRING YOUR LOVER BACK LOST ITEMS JOB/ BUSINESS INSIGHTS Experience my uncanny ability in: Tarot reading Astrology Angel Guide chanelling Reiki healing Positive manifestation of Universal laws Spiritual love & life coaching Remote Visualization using Clairvoyance I have been psychically gifted since I can remember. I feel compelled to share my gift and help others. I have predicted world events and given Psychic readings all over the world. I use my ability with compassion and with the aim of guiding others. My goal is to assist you in your life journey & empower you with Spiritual insights.

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12 Dec 2011 excellent ranking nm (unregistered)

great reading. very generous with time

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03 Dec 2011 excellent ranking anixon

Great reading but we got cut off..............

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