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`•..• •..•´`•..• •..•´`•..• •..•´`•..• •..•´`•..• •..•´`•..• •..•´`•..• •..•´`•..• •..•´`•..• •..•´`•..• •..•´`•._.• ๑۩ﺴ ﺴ۩๑ ๑۩ﺴ ﺴ۩๑ ๑۩ﺴ ﺴ۩๑ ๑۩ﺴ ﺴ۩๑ ๑۩ﺴ ﺴ۩๑ ☼ ☼ ☼ ๑۩ﺴ ﺴ۩๑ ๑۩ﺴ ﺴ۩๑ ๑۩ﺴ ﺴ۩๑ ๑۩ﺴ ﺴ۩๑ ๑۩ﺴ ﺴ۩๑

Ciao my friends! Taliesin here to welcome you. A few years ago, a life changing event happened to me. I found out I had psychic powers. My nerdy dreams had finally come true. Yeah that’s right, I can use the force… kind of. I mean, I can’t pick objects up and throw them at people that upset me, or deflect laser blasts with a lightsabre, or use force lightning to charge my car battery when i forget to turn my lights off. (By the way, if you hadn’t caught on by now, I like to have a good laugh :D ) I DO have other skills which you can read about below. A midst the hours of nonstop laughter and background music consisting of Hall and Oats, the Flash Gordon theme song, and the Lord of The Rings soundtrack, there is one thing I take very seriously… YOU! I

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