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You will find me to be accurate, honest and compassionate. I offer readings on all matters of love and relationships. I use my own natural psychic energy, by connecting with my guide. If a tarot reading is preferred, I am a master with the tarot. I have a degree in psychology and love spiritual coaching. I am not new to this field. I have way over 20 years of professional experience.

I do not paint fairy tales. I only tell the truth. But in telling the truth, I give hope, options and love. Your life can truly be transformed with a bit of insight into the present and into the future. The choice is yours.

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Qualifications: Professional Reader and advisor for 20 plus years.

University of Florida 1986

Masters Degree in Psychology

Ph.d in Theology from Lion of Judah

I also, have 5 years of radio experience and will be returning to radio in January 2014.


Private Practice as a psychic reader Universal Studios (Psychic) Live Person for 7 years.

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I am also a life coach where my psychology degree greatly enhances my abiilities as a spiritual coach.

Worked as a Therapist for True Life Choice from 1988-1990. I was also working in my own private practice as psychic reader.

Was the director of Set Free Ministries. Our main goal was to rescue the drug addicts, alcoholics and homeless.

Prison and Jail Minister and taught a 12 step program during my employment as a Prison and Jail minister.

I presently am teaching psychic development. We are all psychics. Some of us just need to be taught to use our gifts. It is something that I really enjoy.~

I have also worked as a therapist while in the ministry to help women who were suffering from the loss of a child.

Although I do not use the tarot, I use my own natural born gift. I am a master tarot reader and can read the tarot if asked

I love working in the spiritual field. The greatest pleasure for me is to see lives transformed. I believe that we truly can make our lives what we want them to be. If you are feeling stuck, feeling that the job wont come, feeling that you have lost the love of your life, that is where I come in.

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07 Dec 2017 satisfactory ranking shazashoo

Reading was ok but lacked details just told me stuff other readers have said like keep going out, try something different, he will come, I see things happening. All this I could have gotten from my friend for free. I am no better off as far as knowing who me soul mate is

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13 Aug 2017 satisfactory ranking modelcoach

disappointed she was talking about a girl when am asking about a guy.. such a waste of time and money..

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20 Jun 2017 satisfactory ranking sbe333

very very kind, but will have to see how the future unfolds

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20 Oct 2016 satisfactory ranking lina76

To be honest, I don't like to leave a negative review, I don't blame others when this psychic gave them false reading. This is how I felt, what she saw about this guy have another girl after he met me which are the same year of birth, which is which and when certainly it was not true. She picked up old energy which the event had already passed. Sometime she told he was not wanting a commitment and sometime, she told me he eventually will want a commitment. I was so confused of the reading totally off!!! Nice lady. Thanks for the reading tho. Good luck all!

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08 Aug 2016 satisfactory ranking bcuzimagurl

Ok this is my honest review and let me say that i have had a quite a few readings and everytime i do..all this twinflame and soul mate stuff gets diff definitions depending on who u ask and all that you thought u knew or was true gets thrown out a window. She did pick up on the emotions..connections and was blunt and straight to the point. But like she said..nothing is cemented..or set in stone...could be this..could be that...everything is up in the air ..freewill plays a choice. At times I felt like she was a therapist/counselor who informed me that I signed up for ALL this (heartache)...didn't reply to my question about my supposed real TF ...who where and when...never did..i don't know anymore

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