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I know this may come across as somewhat presumptuous, but I believe I was put on this planet to help others. I was born with a physical disability so that I may be more approachable to others. I have been told that I seem to know just what what someone is going through, even if I have never experienced the situation myself. My Empathy is what helps me to better understand and therefore better assist those going through hard times.

I treat each and every person I talk to as if they are part of my own family or a dear friend. I hope that with my gifts I can help you see the light at the end of your current tunnel!

I am also a certified second degree Reiki Practitioner. I can beam Reiki to you to help you with issues in your life whether physical or emotional. For more info on that please email me.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

ULC ordained minister and 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner (for pictures of my certificates just ask)


I started out here at Bitwine as a tarot reader but more often then not was not completely comfortable with the medium myself. I find I do better helping people one on one through advice and counseling. I think of what I do now less as helping predict your future and more about preparing you for whatever future may await. I also am a second degree Reiki practitioner and with that training have learned how to beam Reiki to those far away. So if you are needing that as well please let me know!

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