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I do not label myself as one religion, nor do I limit myself to what my talents are or what elements are mine to call. I have an especially strong affinity for Air and Water , but I am also a Pisces. I have an affinity for Fire, Earth, and Spirit as well. I practice Candlemagick among other things, I do Healing Rituals, Rune Castings, Tarot Readings, and I am an herbalist.

I am not on this site to primarily make money. My first goal is to genuinely help other people. I do not charge extravagant prices and promise impossible things. I am very down to earth, I know the limits of my knowledge and will not fill your head with fluff. If I can not honestly help you, then I will tell you that you need to find some one else. I am meant to help someone through this site. That is why I am here. If you feel drawn to me, then I am the one you need. If not, then you need someone else. I look forward to talking to you. Blessed Be StormyWind

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