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Hello And Welcome,My given spiritual name is Yuko, and I am a spiritualist with over 1,000 years in generation of my ansestors that was gifted with a high calibur level of intellectual abillity for-seeing the future and preforming cleansings of those who are in need.

I am here to provide you with guidance on any challenge or problems you have on your road of life such as, Marrital Problems,Relationships,Love interests,Sexuality,Negativity,Buisness, Career,and Finance,Self Problems,Insight on life changing desciouns,Contacting lost loved ones,Sickness Or unexplained Diseases,Loss in Faith,And Achieving Self Peace.

I am not just a psychic I am a High Priestess I will treat you like a friend and provide you with the warmth and comfort you need. I do not Sugar Coat I tell the truth no matter how harsh it may be.

Remember There is no such thing as coincidence in this lifetime,everything is simply and will always be inevitable.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a High Priestess (Shaman) I been trained by my familly and Ansestors and have taken an exact Oath to use my oath to help heal and help people overcome any obstacle that challenges them.

I been using my gift an helping those who are in need for over 30 years.

I have helped many people in my lifetime an changed their lives around By setting them on their correct path of life an giving them the ability through God to Achieve Inner peace.

I have my own establishments and shop in various places Around the world,California,New Jersey,and Yokohama Japan.


My familly has had gifts in the familly since a era that canot be trackd from how long ago we have a 2 shrines an one temple in Yokohama Japan where the gifted ones in our familly have trained.

Since a young girl at the age of 7 my spiritual abilities began showing themselves. I began training with the the older familly members with high calibur of spiritual and intellectual ability we call The Elders. I trained for 7 years until I became a priestess and then 3 years later became a High Priestess.

24 years later… I have dealt with many many clientell for over 30 years. I am well known an trained with my gifts an use them wisley on those who are in most need.

08 Aug 2011 strawberry123 I’ve never EVER had very good reading except her, EXCELLENT,AMAZING POWERFUL LADY,GENEROUS KIND SWEET LADY, She is the real deal if u want truth not what u want to hear,VERY HONEST,IM VERY SPEECHLESS,IM VERY HAPPY NOW IM FOUND A REAL ADVISOR OF MYSELF, I RECOMMEND HER TO EVERYONE,PLEASE TRY HER YOU WILL NEVER FORGET HER,Im VERY amazed of her gift, i dont know what to say but all i know she was the best advisor of all, im not going to have anymore reading except her,im very speechless,I thank god that i found her today,take care,God Bless,talk to you soon.

18 Aug 2011 truth3 What a warm and gifted soul. Kind, generous, compassionate, and gifted. She is real, with a desire to use her ability to truly help people see the light, and restore faith and hope on their journey. God bless her, as she is not on here for selfish reasons; and for that blessings and favor will flow to her in abundance.

22 Aug 2011 dezina I thought I had found the best psychics on here previously how wrong I was. They say theres a reason you find someone and for me this is so true. Yuko is beyond excellence…...Dont know what to say she leaves me speechless… Believe me she IS the REAL DEAL…..

25 Aug 2011 summer12 The BEST BEST BEST on this site, or any site for that matter and that is the truth!! I have never had a psychic blow me away like Yuko did. I truly hope she never leaves this site she is a GEM! Authentic to the core

02 Sep 2011 louiselouwrens Extremely gifted, first part of her prediction came through within 3 days, Excellent 06 Sep 2011 heartdivine No one has helped me more than Yuko did. She is not greedy and will help you in anyway she can. She was able to pin-point so many things that happened last night – again, she never failed to amazed me. I can talk to her about my life, my spirituality and everything. She is never objective and judgemental about things that is why even with my own clients – I always suggest them to try Yuko. She is really good and if you guys haven’t tried her yet – - – you’re probably missing half of your life. :)

03 Oct 2011 a_l_i_e_n Speechless again – she is SO amazing! Even since the last chat several things she said have been shown to be true.

I never Get in the way of The Inevitable.

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