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There are many ways that I work with the spirit world. But above all else, I am a mediator between this world and the world of spirit.

My strongest ability is Clear seeing (Clairesentience). This is the ability to look inside people and see their true feelings, thoughts, and motivations.

Being able to see this, I can see how a person really feels, their true thoughts, and motivations. Using my abilities, I can tell you the real reasons behind their actions.

My readings are not for those looking for a fairy tale. I have the ability to see what is really going on, and I will tell you the truth. I am a sensitive man, and I will do so as kindly as possible, It is never my wish to hurt you.

I also give spiritual and magick advice

It is my wish for you to have a happy life, and a happy future.


23 years reading Tarot cards.

Professional Clairsentient (True seeing)

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