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One of the most Accurate, intuitive Spiritual in Demand Advisor on Bitwine, I do not use any tools to help fill in the blanks between our world and the Universe. I am TRUE Clairvoyant and Empathic I will also tap into your guardian Angel and mine to seek answer and solutions to problems. I am very honest and take my God given gifts to heart. Spiritual Readings are tools to help guide your life in a positive direction. I use my gifts to help you, no matter what is "seen" in your Readings with the proper guidance in the end your life can go in a positive direction. I ask that you trust in me and understand your readings may not be what you want to hear but does not mean we can not create a positive outcome. If I read for you and it does not seem to apply today does not mean it will not apply to you tomorrow or years from now. During my readings I will require you to free your mind and only think of your situation. My goal is to guide you into a Positive direction to receive the best that life has to offer

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Intuitive gifts from birth. ONE THE MOST ACCURATE Intuitive Spiritual ADVISORS OUT THERE. Honest True readings. Do not need birth dates or use any tools. I can pick up on situations quickly and do not waste your time. More serious cases will receive a free follow up email from me If I need to look more deeply into your situation. I am not here to take away your free will but to guide you in the correct path that faces you. I can give general time frames but the universe uses time differently for this reason NO Spiritual Reader can give you exact dates. Always remember a Real Spiritual Reader can only see what will be in your path, NO Spiritual reader can predict what you will do because that is your free will we just tell you what is ahead.


Intuitive gifts from birth. 22 years professional Readings. Do not need to use tools, 100% intuitive. I will always tell you what I see. Please do not leave negative feedback it I tell you something that you may not be ready to hear. This not fair to me. Some readings may be confusing until they come to pass, please keep in mind that if what I say does not apply today will tomorrow.

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Location: Beautitul Positive Energy with balance of Yin/Yang  (Find on Google Maps)

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31 Aug 2018 satisfactory ranking lovelacetito

Lovely lovely amazing woman !! I really hope prediction comes thru.. I will update if it does. I am confused at the moment

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30 Jan 2017 satisfactory ranking tarosss67

I do like her but it takes a Long time to get concrete details from her. Although there is accuracy, it takes a Long time to get the details. I still don't have my answer after $50. But she is kind and able to tap in somewhat. Worth a try

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25 Jan 2017 satisfactory ranking jrogers2955

Would have liked more details. She mentioned things that she would go into further once the reading would actually start, but unfortunately didn't mention. For example, she mentioned children with my significant other, but she did not go into any detail in the reading. Typed for a long time, but only a couple of sentences would come through. I honestly don't feel that I got my moneys worth. However, really was not a total disappointment

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09 Jan 2017 satisfactory ranking cowgirlupbf32

Like her she's usually right but this last prediction of him messaging me already passed and no contact.

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16 Dec 2016 satisfactory ranking xxsoniyaxx

Thanks she was lovely but I asked for time even tho she does per min but I couldn't type when he agreed to this!!! I wasn't told anything new but same as other advisors I hope she is correct but she could have given me more information part from which is good and bad I felt like I typed a lot More in giving information!!! I won't lose hope let's c what the future begins thanks

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