Sharon King

-- Clairvoyant Medium-Quick and Accurate! Connected ready to give the answers as given by a higher power :)


Clairvoyant,Clairscentient,Clairempathy and Clairgustance, Mediumship

Sharon is a full Clairvoyant Medium that has been doing readings for over 20 years as a life coach psychic.She does Medium ship so if interested please ask. She brings true clarity to all questions of your life  from relationships to career. Not only will she answer all your questions with clarity but will be your personal guide to bring total balance your life.
The answers you will receive will be fast and clear.I thank creator-a Higher power for the messages :).
When I get the names and descriptions coming through it will verify our connection.
Please leave a review,and please remember you get truth, not necessarily what you want to hear.And truth is important to all our life paths.Our truth brings clarity toward real happiness.

I give free time but you must be a paying Readee. Thank you

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I have read on Live person, And Keen. All with very satisfied clients.


I have read on Keen and also on Live person…

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

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