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My name is Silver and I have been working as a psychic advisor and tarot reader for around 5 years (have been working in tarot and other mystical arts for about 10 years). If you can dream it or ask it, chances are that I have a tarot spread for you. Here is a bit about me to help you establish a connection: I grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, where there were old logging roads and deer trails and "civilization" was 2+ miles away in any direction. I learned how to listen to the trees and the wind and the animals of the forest. As I grew older, I was taken away from the nature spirits that I had grown accustomed to and my energy was muted for about 2 years until I found a new medium: tarot. Those same earth and nature spirits that once spoke to me through the trees now speak to me through the cards, as though they were a telephone. I ended up in a job that was sucking me dry, until I decided to quit and start doing tarot full time (instead of on the side) This is my one life’s passion.

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I have been working in the mystical arts (as I call it) for around 10 years. I got my first tarot deck from my mother as a gift when I turned 10, and ever since I have been fascinated with the paranormal, spiritual and secluded aspects of every day life. If you would like to know more about me feel free to contact me

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