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Love, Relationship & Reunion Specialist. Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Intuitive Life Coach, Therapist and Quantum Healer. BLUNT TRUTHS, Time-frames, Straight Answers, Honest, Direct, very FAST typist, no time wastage. Contact me now. ♥ ♥ ♥


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Get your lovers back, Know their feelings, emotions, thoughts and what is stored in future. Your Past – Present – Future tell you exactly what is happening now and what will happen next. You’re confused and uncertain. What’s going to happen next? What’s really going on? I know exactly how you feel. We’ve all been there! But there are answers, and I can help you see them clearly.

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Master in Metaphysics & Psychology

As a child, I discovered I possessed the psychic ability to intuit the future and "see" distant situations clairvoyantly. As an adult, I studied parapsychology, religion, and physics to make sense of my gift. I learned how to harness my natural abilities through the use of formal divination techniques (the I Ching, Tarot, runes) to focus the psychic impressions I receive

I’ve also devoted my life to building a healthy, loving, respectful balance between the genders. That’s what feminism is all about. The happiest relationships are the ones in which men and women respect each other as equals, and in my practice as a counselor I’m committed to helping my clients find that balance.


35 years of experience.

I inherited my gift to "see" and "intuit" from my mother, and she inherited her gift from her mom, my grandmother. I am certain that it was through my dedication to studying tarot from a very young age that I was able to connect and tap into all of the gifts I bestow. For me doing a reading before working helps me to connect to my higher self and channel spirits (my clients Angels and Guides) any energies around them and information that clients need to hear and know. To know that you have options is a wonderful feeling, sometimes when life throws us a curve ball we can only see one way but really there are many paths we can take. I like putting people on the right path. Being a psychic sensitive I am able to pick up on an individuals energetic vibration quickly, this allows me to connect and see and feel all that is around that person.

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23 Jun 2011 excellent ranking anixon

great reading :) but ran out of funds....

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