Sheta Kaey

Best Spirit Worker You've Ever Seen


What I DO:

I read spirits. Particularly the type that are around you all the time. I can also read the living, and from a distance.

I teach people how to perceive, communicate, and work with spirits, and how to cope with those abilities.

And that’s all.

I DO NOT: I do not give relationship advice. I do not give career advice.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

About Meridjet: “I’ve had a number of sessions with Meridjet now. A few things really stand out about him: he is profoundly grounded, balanced, deeply wise, piercingly insightful, perceptive, and kind. He has also always been gentle and firm where necessary. Never once has he ever been anything like cruel or derogatory, nor has he lost patience with me. His energy’s invariably affectionate and as warm and refreshing as a warm spring day.

“He has the most remarkable ability to consistently ask precisely the right question in just the right way at just the right time. This has the effect of jarring loose old patterns of all kinds and triggering breakthroughs. Everything he does and says, in session, has a purpose — you really have to experience this. Even his seemingly casual remarks turn out not to be.

“I emphatically recommend him as the most amazing spiritual counselor it has ever been my privilege to know."—Client, Lisa


For those with spirit contact: I have 20 years of firsthand experience in daily interaction with spirits and spirit guides, and I have effectively counseled scores of people just like you to help them understand what was happening to them and how best to utilize the spirit-human relationship.

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