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Between a rock and a hard place

over 8 years ago

Recently my husband and I had problems. I befriended his colleague to do something special for my hubby but this man was a good listener, we got on well and maintained a friendship. Now suddenly he won’t take my calls, e-mails etc and I really miss his frienship. Where did it go wrong?

over 8 years ago
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Perhaps he feels guilty towards your husband, and wants to take a back-seat in all of this. It could be a hard situation for him, maybe he’s listening to your view, aswell as your husbands view, and is finding it hard to be a friend to you both. Maybe he started developing feelings for you which go deeper than friendship, and thought that this was the best way to deal with it. I’m not a psychic, but just want to point out what it could be.

Just send an e-mail, ask what the problem is, and explain to him how it feels not to be told what the problem is. I’m pretty sure he’ll tell you in due course. Hope i’ve helped in some way. :)