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Will i move soon?

over 8 years ago

Will i be offered the house that i was interviewed for recentley? i really want to move due to a relationship breakdown.My date of birth is 18/08/1966

over 8 years ago
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Scarlett Love Keeper Of Hea... (lovesorceressserenity)

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Extremly sorry to hear about your relationship, but I would love to help bring you peace with a new start. Please meet me in chat and I can give you all the answers you are seeking with exact time frames. Love and Light.

over 8 years ago

you are welcome. I work with bith chart hence need your date of birth,time,place and name for reply of your questions. You are welcome for chat or hired mail. God bless you.

over 8 years ago
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Katie (ladykate)

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Your not going to financially be able to do this own your own for at least the next 3-5 weeks. Plan for a move by the end of August. Also, the place your interviewing for is nice, matter of fact it’s perfect but it’s out of the price range. Overtime it will be doable but you’ll probably be struggling with unexpected expenses the next few months..