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Will we get together?

over 8 years ago

I want Mr W but Im not sure if he wants me Ive told him very vaguely that i like him hes also very shy and I know he fancies me and has done for years! Should I pursue him, wait for him or give up on him?

over 8 years ago
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Blessings! I would be very happy to tell you what I see being the best option in this situation, as well as what he feels, thinks, and his intentions with you. Please check out my profile and if you like what you see please contact me for a reading. Love and Light.

over 8 years ago
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hi , how are you ? well i can tell you what he feels and think about you , where this relationship will take you , what will happen in near future , also whats going on with him . please come for live chat session . thanks. blessings .

over 8 years ago

hello, you are welcome. I can tell you the insight. I need date of birth,time and place of birth with full name. If available send details of both or min one person’s details needed.