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Pet Psychic

12 days ago

I just need some help with my Lily, Golden Retriever. I know some of my thoughts are medical and yes, I’m working with my vet on those. But I would like to try to get a perspective from her side to see if it helps me complete the puzzle. Anyone good with pet readings? Thanks.

12 days ago

Hey there Jay, I am happy to take a look at lily for you. I do pet readings often and specialize in relationships, mediumship, career readings, pets, and many others. I have several specials running and look forward to helping, and hearing from you soon.

Jenn xx

12 days ago

hello my pet readings start at 25 dollars for 15 minutes yes I am a pet psychic it even says so on my business cards that I would be more then happy to show you I also have 3 dogs my self because this is a pet reading and this isn’t the same energy as a human carrys I will need much needed more details from you to get a connection rather then having a reading with a human by just needing their names and dobs and if you purchase a reading with me today I will give you a discount on my most strongest reading!

10 days ago

Hi there I read over your topic, and I will gladly look into this for you I can pick up energies, read tarot cards and also chakra healing if that’s something you’re interested in Click the chat on my profile I look forward to hearing from you soon!

9 days ago

i have 25 year exp in this and i can help tune in to this beautful baby and see what is going on i am drlorettalove