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Is he the one or someone else

6 days ago
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My name is Marquita lord knows I wish I could get a reading just can’t at moment. My mind is going 100 miles per hour trying to figure things out. Wish I could see things for myself. But Marvin hasn’t been responding to none of my messages so at this point idc but sometimes I do and I’m my spirit I really honestly felt like he was the one because of the dreams I had because I have a gift as well but not as strong. But I’m just doubting everything at this point. So imma just focus on getting my body in shape and I guess dating other men idk how that will turn out though just still soo confused

5 days ago

IM online come chat

4 days ago

Hello, Come in and let me help you through spirit . Blessings

4 days ago

I would love to be assistance to you in your situation, to help bring clarity to his mindset, I can offer in depth love readings in which I specialize in, that focuses on his mindset, Emotional state, Intentions, Motives, Etc. Give me a call, hope to hear from you!