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Am i the only one who has a problem w: these advisors ?! You ask a question they make you pay – you pay &: then end up NEVER getting the question you’ve asked answered: They want to tell you everything else but what you asked .. I want to know am I the only one who has had this problem as well as I wish these advisors would stop doing that dumb shit because when you ask for a refund they have a problem want to catch a attitude but yet they DIDNT answer not 1 question you asked. I asked an advisor if she can tell me if any of the males I have in my life thought about me ! Instead of her answering my question she’s telling me she see someone coming my way *. Like that was not my question & 2 1/2 the time they say that they be lying. I’ve had multiple advisors lie tell me stuff that NeVER even happened . smhh I have a better chance trying to get in contact w: the Lord & spirit myself

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Y U BITchin&WINEing?

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Hey sorry to hear you have such negative experiences with advisors here…I think this is just a matter of finding one that’s fight for you. I’ve gone through my fair share of advisors here till I found one or two that really fits me! What may work for me may not wrk for you and it’s just a matter of the connection, the type of question asked (if you ask a vague question you got a vague answer), and ability of the psychic to connect. So I’m your case, instead of asking if there’s any males that’ are thinking about you, ask if “x” is thinking about you..or whether you are to be in a romantic relationship anytime soon I will also say to stop getting so manybreads so often…take a break and just do you for a while. I hope this helped girl!.