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confused ?

15 days ago

does my daughters dad even think about me or miss me? will we work things out? his d.o.b is 08-25 mine is 04-02

15 days ago

Having him in your life, to put it bluntly, would mean having another child in your life. He is too immature to be what he needs to be for you. He will always come back, but he will never stay.

I’m sorry if that sounds very blunt, but that is the message that was passed along. You can do so much better.

15 days ago

thanks, yeah its hard but its something i’ve always known. its just hard because i love him for real.

15 days ago

Hi hon, looked into ur situation for you.. pls come chat with me ASAP so we can decode this together. im so sorry to hear you are having this hard time. Love N Blessings xoxo

15 days ago

Hi, let Angels and my guides to bring you answers and guidance to your questions and your situation.Please join me for a chat I’m online now xxx

10 days ago

should i try to talk to him?

9 days ago

Hello,Let me help you and look into the spirit and see what his thoughts are toward you and if he miss you and the children or not . I will give you the truth what his spirit show and much more. On line now Live chat . I have specials today . Blessings