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Will I hear from him again?

11 months ago

S.A.B 13/09/1991, he’s ignoring my messeges, I haven’t heard from him, it’s like he wants nothing to do with me again. Will I ever hear from him again or should I just move on with life? I think he may have moved on aswell. I am C.L.M 21/06/1990

11 months ago
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Psychic Jessica (mizjessica)

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You need to love yourself. stop going for man that is not available as you are. Contact me if you seek more

11 months ago
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❤️Psychic Love Witch ... (lovepsychicerica)

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Hello My Name is Erica I am a love specialist medium & life coach claryivoant

I am very direct & detailed In my readings i look right into the situation you are concered most and i give you my honest advise i do not provide false hope with my readings you will be amazed & satisfied even with just one reading over the things i can pick up i feel by energy and with my third eye all i would need is just your first name. all of my clients are very happy & satisfied ive been with bitwine for over 4 years now, please read my profile & dont hesitate to call me i would be more then happy to help you and tell you all past present and future of your life no problem is to big or to small for me to handle i can give you honest directions and guidance that you need.

Hope to hear from you blessings,Erica

11 months ago

Hello, Let me look into spirit and see what is ahead for you and him , and if he will ever contact you . I will give you full insight. I see a lot through spirit on a situation . I will give you help with your concerns on love and if he will return to you . On line now Live chat . Blessings