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blast from the past..what does it mean

about 1 year ago
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Last couple months. ..I have been contacted by good handful of guys that I havnt heard from in ages,,some in years. One where just fb friends others ones ive dated a little bit.one an actual ex..I can see if it was one here and there but this is all at once. What ..if anything ..does this mean? Iike I get contacted by all but the one I really want contact from lol i dont get it

about 1 year ago

Hello, Let me help you and see what spirit show around the ones from the pass. I see a lot through spirit , I will give you the truth and who is best for you from the pass . Try my specials today . Come for a reading and chat . Blessings

about 1 year ago
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about 1 year ago

it means you are about to meet someone who may very well be very good for your future, but you have to be certain of things so the spirits are trying to bring you resolution now.

about 1 year ago

It means that no one can escape from the past We love the past because it is gone and we would have hated it if it came back Your case is like a message or a remembrance of who you used to be in the past it might be a sign that rather you forgot yourself and who you used to be ? or its reminding you of what you did in your past to become what you really are right now despite of that they are mistakes or good deeds and also one more thing its a sign of how time flies and runs fast how things used to be in few seconds and changes suddenly in few years

about 1 year ago
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