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are we friends?

about 1 year ago

i’m dalia eden torres 3-21-88 miguel arreola 10-31-91 i feel were more than friends but he hasn’t make it official , will he? i’m afraid he only sees me like a best friend? am i right or wrong?

about 1 year ago

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about 1 year ago
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Divine_Light_Destiny (psychic_light)

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Hi Dalia, I am connected with you query and i sense some positive vibes about it so just call me so i can help you for it.

about 1 year ago

Hi im online call me chat soon

about 1 year ago

Hello, Let me give you a full accurate reading and truth . I see a lot through spirit and it looks good . Try my specials today . I know I can help you and give you insight and details . Blessings

about 1 year ago
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Spiritual Maria (spiritual_maria)

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Hi my name is Maria, come have a chat with me i can help give you full details about your current future outlook and career and relationship and let you know what he is thinking, im fast and highly accurate.

about 1 year ago
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I work with The Tarot and The Spirits around both yourself and me to answer your questions truthfully.

You may not always like what you hear in a reading with me however you can rest assured I will ONLY GIVE THE TRUTH.

I use my gift to guide you, it’s your choice how you use the information I pass on to you from the Cards or Spirits.

When reading with you, I will help you to become empowered by the knowledge you now have and really feel secure in the path that you are walking.

about 1 year ago

Hello dear,

I come from 4 generations of psychics past down in my family history. I have helped the police find people and worked for the lost children’s foundation. I have read for many important people and told them about the successes they will reach. I have confidence in my abilities that you will be so relieved to get your answers. Do not feel alone with your situation, let’s get the answers YOU DESERVE!!

about 1 year ago

I feel he doesn’t like you in that type of way.

about 1 year ago

@leelee are you psychic?

about 1 year ago

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about 1 year ago

I am a clairvoyant reader with strong medium ability. I will answer questions about love, money, cheating with accuracy, directly from Spirit. I am a clairvoyant reader with medium gifts. I have been reading professionally since 1998 and have enlightened hundreds of customers across the country.

about 1 year ago

Hi dear

Come and see me if you are looking for answers.

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Best Wishes! Hema