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Is it normal...

about 1 year ago

For a reader to ask what your gender is? I went in to read with spirituallovedivine … Gave the basic name/dob and they still asked what my gender was. :/

about 1 year ago

Sometimes! I have situations where I wasn’t positive of the gender. I only ask to use the pronouns the client is most comfortable with. It’s never for more than respecting their comfort. However, I don’t always ask for a dob or name. Some names outside the cultures I’m familiar with don’t give me an idea of their gender. There are times when a person’s energy feels different than what the presented as, so I like to check to be sure. :)

about 1 year ago

Past lives genders can have a profound effect on the feel of the current gender.

Gender disphoria / identity disorders can also have an effect on the “feel” of the gender.

There are a few factors.


about 1 year ago
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~Amethyst Crystal~ (crystalkoneko)

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If I am unsure I will ask for a gender. I don’t want to assume and be rude.

Readers aren’t omnipotent. There’s nothing wrong with us asking a few questions.

about 1 year ago

Hi, I’m online if you wish to hear what your Angels want to say about your situation now.Love and Light.George xx