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10 days ago

I have had several readings and for the most part all have been similar in what they stated.

My thing is although my reading is regarding my love life and an ex. I can’t understand why no one seems to mention what my current love life situation is. I think the fact that none of the psychics seemed to pick on it made me go to a different reader. Unfortunately all the predictions I still have to wait for but if there is one who can tell me what my current status is I would gladly have a reading with them.


10 days ago

I suppose it all depends on how the reader or yourself approach the reading. Many of my clients come with specific questions, and I focus on them to give a fast answer, without looking at the past, unless they are about the past. But you can request a general reading on the situation, past present future (some readers and myself too, when I am given the time to do it, have this as a standard approach). Readings are mostly guided by the questions you ask, the question itself is like a channel one opens, because there are many channels in all directions, which can be explored if there is a lot of time allotted to the reading. Or you have the option to communicate the past to the reader (giving background, stating it is your ex) and focus only on the present/future. Or you can ask about the past only, to understand what happened and why :)

9 days ago

Thank you.

8 days ago

Hi dear,

I’d love to look into your current love situation and help you. Give me a call adn we can look into this

5 days ago

LeeLoo is correct if the psychic is zoning in on a particular question they may not mention another person around. I state in my profile that sometimes I will mention things that are off of the question if I am picking up on it, this doesn’t happen everytime but if I am picking up on something unrelated I tell the client because it means it is something that their guides want them to know.

5 days ago

Hello, Let me look into your current situation and give oyu the truth what spirit show around you and this person . I will only give you what the spirit show around this person and toward you and when things will get better . And changes will come . Try my specials today . Come in for a session and chat . Blessings

5 days ago
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I had a reading with psychic janie about a particular person and there were moments where she would get messages from spirit that just came out of nowhere, like she said to me there is someone who is connected to me from the past but is still around and keeps dragging me down because they’re jealous of me. At first I thought it was my ex but he’s not around until the day after I realised who she was talking about. My co-worker whom I also worked alongside at my previous job. She had another message jump out to say something about a ring, I couldn’t believe it, two days before the reading I was looking online for a ring! It was totally bizarre she saw that and more and it just comes up out of the blue!