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tarot predictions

18 days ago

Has anyone had a prediction come to pass from a tarot reading?

18 days ago

Usually any reading I received from tarot were pretty accurate.

18 days ago

Who did you read with rebo ?

18 days ago

Yeah, Rebo, who did you read with.

17 days ago

all my live readings where I live locally but here on Bitwine it would be Lily Oak.

17 days ago

I used to use Tarot cards – The Rider-Waite Deck – when starting on my own Psychic journey. And was always fascinated by what they would throw up. For me they worked best with more long term more general predication’s and insight.

And can say the readings I have had from my own Psychic Guide have been on target. It comes down to how the Psychic sees and feels what the cards are saying about a person.

I love this subject though … and one day intend to go back to my cards – which I still have safely stored in my Study.

Psychic Dino

17 days ago
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meerkat (meerkat)

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I had a one card angel reading done recently with a vague question. The answer blew my mind!!!! how in the heck she picked up on something I have only admitted to a couple people. the reading was not here btw. I have had card readings in the past and they do seem to be more accurate I must say. I think I will stick with them from now on

16 days ago

With who?

14 days ago


Many clients love my tarot reading and they come back with updates. I’d like to do a reading or you. Blessings

11 days ago

Miss Ann is great …in tarot..she explains all the cards beautifully