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Will I see him??

10 months ago

I haven’t heard from him since last Sunday, I miss him! Will I hear from him/see him sometime this week? He is T 4/18/97 I am Rose 4/28/98

10 months ago

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10 months ago
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Hello dear

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10 months ago

Hello, Let me help you right away on your love questions and relationship with this person . I will give you the truth through spirit , if you will see him and when . Come in or a session and chat Try my specials today . Blessings

10 months ago

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10 months ago

HI Rose,

I do see that you two will reconnect soon, let’s do a reading and look further into this. God bless

10 months ago

Hello dear, One of my specialties are Love & Relationships. I have never been wrong when it comes to this field. Allow me to tune in to get to the core of your love life. Thankyou Roseann.

10 months ago

Hi! Yes, within 5-7 days you’ll see him

9 months ago