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Is Rafael the one for me?

over 7 years ago

My DoB is 9/8/1958. I just started a relationship with Rafael. He seems nice, but would like to know whether he is the one for me. I do not want to make a mistake. Thanks

over 7 years ago
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Spiritual Psychic Bella (soulmate.psychic.isabella)

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Hello ! I am Belle, and I am picking up so much energy on your situation, your spirits are showing a lot you should know so call me for a live session:)

I would love to hear from you Belle

over 7 years ago
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Kindess21 (wellwishes21)

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Hi I know this is a late post, but this one stood out to me today,

I feel like you need more than Rafael can provide you, he can be quite hesitant in love nad he is not ready for the kind of equal partnership you require. I feel you want a pure love, very calming you are tired of being dominated, and tho he isn’t dominateing he does like to control the dating situation. He will hesitate from giving you phone calls and messages, just so that he can make sure he feels ok when he replies, not really so much concerned about how you’ll take it. He might feel slightly guilty but no where near as committed as you need. Watch for a text/ message from him within 4 days. Also there is a tall brown hair gentle man in two months taht you will be able to get on with much better. You’ll probably meet him at a cafe. That seems more promising. I feel his name has an M in it.