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over 8 years ago

im new at this so dont no wot say but just broke up with an ex can anyone tell me when im ganna smile again and find a new love please help

over 8 years ago

please chat with date of birth,time,place and full your. I will speak every truth of your life. God bless you.

over 8 years ago
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rebeccas readings (rebeccasreadings)

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im hear to help i see you hurt emotionaly and still love your boyfreind you want to know why he did this and were is thngs heaed your lost and need help and advise please contact me live and i will help you out qith all of this i will need you date of birth full name and his and then we can do a session i have ben a reader for 25 yrs and have my own office lic ,,so give me a contact today and will set you at peace of mind

over 8 years ago
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i do see something coming up for you and ur ex conact me for more info

over 8 years ago

Hi Nicola, sounds like love at first site has bitten again but I am afraid it was a hard lesson learned. You may be on again off again with this lover but I do not see you staying with him for long. Let me know if you would like to connect and know more.

over 8 years ago
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jenny Fardell (garnetta)

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Nicola, sweetheart, I’m so sorry and empathise with you. You’ll be on a roller-coaster of emotions at the moment. One minute thinking you are cool with the breakup. The next sobbing your heart out because you want to be hugged and touched again, and no one else can fill his space… We’ve all been through this and understand. And we all want you to feel our spirits comforting you. Your heart can bear a lot of pain and grief. Just be yourself with it. Let it take it’s time. Embrace it and let others comfort and embrace you and your hurt. I would advise not allowing him to mess around with your emotions. It’s off, it stays off even though it hurts like hell for you it’s teaching him a lesson that he can’t get away with emotional blackmail. You’re heart will take longer to heal if it mends temporarily whilst the relationship is ‘on’, and has to break again when it’s ‘off’ for the umpteenth time! Better to break once good and hard, then start healing without interruption. Don’t fall for the first man who pops along. Wait until you are confident, have an independent social life, and can think about this ex without crying, before looking at another bloke. You want to be in control of the men falling at your feet, not you falling at their feet. Men might think a damsel in distress is cute at first, but they soon get bored of emotional and needy women. Be natural and honest, enjoy connecting with your girlfriends who you probably neglected a bit whilst dating. And you’ll learn to love life on your own terms again. Good luck!

over 8 years ago
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Dexter Hamilton (psychicdexter)

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Mending a Broken Heart: Hello, Love can enter your life when you least expect it. Love is always available to you if you are truly ready. But accepting the next great love in your life is not possible when you are in distress. Are you, if so, I can help Contact Me for a Reading… Best Wishes, God Bless, Dexter…..