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Dream Help!!!!! Pls.

over 7 years ago

I dreamt that my tooth was shaking and it fell off. My friend says falling tooth signifies death in the family…I am so disturbed!!!!! Help!!1

over 7 years ago
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laylasinsights (laylasinsights)

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Dreams can be powerful tools in a spiritual sense and symbolize a certain event,time,or place in someones life.However,it can also be just a dream,I can tell you from my experiences someones teeth falling out during a dream does not mean death,it simply means change,and not knowing your situation all I can tell you honestly is that you have change coming in a certain area in your life,your safe do not worry.Come see me sometime if you wish.Love,layla.

over 7 years ago
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lilly (mystic.moon)

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if you like we chat about this

over 7 years ago

pl chat with your date of birth,time,place and name. No this is not like that. Teeth is responsible for mercury. I will reply your questions. God bless you.

over 7 years ago
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Penny Clark (pennyclarkbabson)

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its the actions in all not just one that has the menaing. this is a stress dream not a death dream come to me and I willtell you what yoru stressing about.teeth shaking( nashing) and falling out is usually a stress dream about something you have to do coming up and you know what i am talking about… contact me ijn chat now okau